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Compliance does not come in a box. It is not a set of static rules that apply to all. It is a culture fostered by management and reinforced by sound practices. Get The Net can guide you through the rules and prepare you to meet the standards of the most exacting regulators. To ensure that your firm meets and exceeds today's stringent compliance management standards, we can assist in some or all of these areas:
Develop a compliance program to fit your business
Design and document policies, procedures and code of ethics
Identify conflicts of interest and propose best-practice solutions
Perform annual compliance reviews
Create and implement surveillance programs
Review disclosure documents for consistency with business practices
Conduct mock SEC audits
Get The Net, LLC is a consulting group specializing in compliance and business service solutions for the alternative investment and broker/dealer communities.
Get The Net, LLC     222 Park Avenue South, Suite 8E     New York NY 10003     (917) 414-2684
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